The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch Review

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I read The Magnolia League to complete my Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge prompt. I had to read a re-read. I read The Magnolia League when it first released. This books is pure comfort food. It was exactly what I needed after completing Fall of Giants.

When Alexandria Lee’s mother dies in a car crash her wealthy grandmother becomes her guardian. She has to move from her home in California to Savannah, Georgia. Alex learns that she is a member of a debutante society, The Magnolia League, by birth. When Alex begins to question the society’s intentions, she learns that they have hidden secrets. The Magnolia’s are tired to a hoodoo family called the Buzzards. The Magnolia’s have a dark past that is brought into the present.

My Thoughts on The Magnolia League

The Magnolia League is very 2011 YA typical, which is why I love it. It brings back great memories for me. The re-read transported me back to the summer when I first read it.

Of course, as an adult there are things I noticed that I didn’t then. There are a lot of stereotypes within the cast of characters. It’s also filled with tropes. The female lead is not is “not like the other girls.”

However, I still love the portrayal of Savannah. The author done a perfect job of capturing the ambiance of the town. I loved how she mentioned E. Shaver, Forsyth Park, and Bonaventure Cemetery. It made me want to go back.

The Buzzards are also an awesome addition. I loved the mystery that surrounds them. They seem like the coolest people. I would love a book based solely on them. However, I am not familiar with hoodoo culture, so I can’t attest that the portrayal is accurate.

I was interested to see if I still enjoyed this. I’m glad that I did. It was nostalgic for me. I had actually forgotten a lot about it. Specifically, I forgot it ended on a cliff hanger. I actually discovered that there is a second book. I want to check it out, but also I don’t want to ruin my fond memories if I don’t love it.


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