My Favorite Booktubers

Booktube was my first introduction to the online bookish community. I remember how excited I was to see videos centered around books. While I am subscribed to several booktubers, these are the ones I keep coming back to.

1. Hailey in Bookland

I have probably been subscribed to Hailey the longest of all of these. She is close to my age so I actually feel like I have grown up with her. Her videos are lighthearted and fun. They make my day better. I have enjoyed watching her post updates about the book she is currently writing. She gives great insight into the writing process. She also recommends a lot of historical fiction, so of course that is a plus in my book.

2. Britany the Bibliophile

I have been subscribed to Brittany’s channel for a little over a year. She quickly became a favorite. I adore her reading vlogs! She also does a monthly bullet journal spread that inspired me to start a bullet journal. She is extremely talented. We also have similar reading taste so it’s fun to see what she is reading each week.

3. Thoughts on Tomes

Sam is the queen of reviews. She gives the best in-depth reviews. She answers every question I could possibly have about a book. Sam reads a lot of adult fantasy, so I know where to go when I need a new read. She does spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews and I love having that option.

4. LeeNichole

LeeNichole also gives great reviews. She is the reason I started giving graphic novels a chance. She reads a lot of different genres and media types. I enjoy the variety she posts. She doesn’t post all that often, but it’s like getting a present when she does. Her voice is also one of the most calming voices on the planet.

5. Bookables

Heather from Bookables is a seasonal reader. I can so relate to that. I love watching her videos year round, but her Christmas videos are the best. They help me get in the Christmas spirit every year. She also has a ton of great fall content as well.

So those are a few of my favorite Booktubers. I love watching book related videos. The amount of books that I have purchased because of Booktube is ridiculous. I am also always looking for new Booktube channels to follow, so tell me your favorite in the comments.

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  1. I LOVE Hailey! 🙂 I haven’t heard of a few of these, but I’ll have to check them out! I subscribe to ChapterStackss, TheShadesofOrange Booktube Channel, That’s What She Read, Cameron Chaney, Olivia’s Catastrophe, and Brad Proctor.

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