Unboxing My Archer & Olive Dot Grid Journal

Archer & Olive Unboxing

So I finally splurged and bought an Archer & Olive Dot Grid Notebook. I was doing good until they released their Halloween collection. Bats were included and I could not resist. So here we are. I’m so excited to unbox it. Let’s jump in.

Archer & Olive Dot Grid Notebook

First off, the packaging is stunning. They did such a great job wrapping it. It felt like I was opening a luxurious present. Plus, the box they included was super sturdy, so I will probably store my journal in it.

Archer & Olive Bats

When I saw the cover I almost died. This picture, and the picture on their website, does not do it justice. You can’t really tell but the bats are iridescent. The way they reflect the light is gorgeous. It also has iridescent sprayed edges!

When you open it up it has this cute little cover page where you can write your name.

This little charm on the bookmark is adorable.

Here is a picture of the paper. I like how the grids are laid out. The dots aren’t super close together, which I appreciate. Again, because of the shadows you can’t really see it, but the pages are super bright white. There is no sign of yellowing at all. The paper is also 160 gsm, which means it’s super thick. It’s thick enough to paint on without bleeding.

So far I’m super happy with this notebook. It’s going to be my 2021 reading bullet journal, so it will definitely be put to use. Do you own and Archer & Olive notebook? Do you love it? Let me know!

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