Athens, Georgia Book Haul

My husband and I took a quick vacation to Athens, Georgia two weekends back. We had a lot of fun, but I was literally the worst blogger because I didn’t take any pictures! I will have a few pictureless recommendations of things to do in Athens at the end of this post. But right now let’s jump into the haul.

Usually on vacation I try to visit as many indie bookstores as possible. Since there aren’t any indie bookstores near my home vacation is usually the only chance I get to experience them. There was one indie bookstore called Avid Bookshop in Athens. Unfortunately, when we drove by it looked like it was closed, so we didn’t park and investigate. On our way back home I looked it up and they were doing contactless pick up. So I was bummed that I actually could have bought from them. It looked absolutely adorable, so I hope to visit them in person one day. Until then, I will probably order a few books and have them shipped.

Ok, ok now that I’ve rambled on let’s jump into the haul. Conveniently there was a Barnes and Noble right down the road from our hotel. After riding in the car all day, I just wanted to buy a book, have supper, and curl up and read the rest of the evening so that’s exactly what we did. Here is what I bought.

Barnes and Noble in Athens, Georgia

The Poppy War

I have wanted a copy of The Poppy War for a while, but for some reason it was never in stock at home. When I saw it I grabbed it. I am reading it right now and so far I love it.


I bought Darkdawn for obvious reasons. I can’t wait to finish this series, but I think I am procrastinating it a bit. I’m not ready for it to end!

Barnes and Noble in Buford, Georgia

We stopped at The Mall of Georgia in Buford on the way home. There was a tea shop called Tea Clan so that’s why we originally stopped in. While we were there I saw the largest Barnes and Noble that I’ve ever experienced. Of course, I had to stop in. It was absolutely beautiful. I love it. Here is what I bought.

The Haunting of Ashburn House

The last night we were in Athens I watched a show about a haunted house on Travel Channel. It made me want to read a haunted house story that satisfied me, so I picked up The Haunting of Ashburn House. It was great! I definitely recommend it.

Well, that wraps up my haul. Keep reading for a few recommendations on things to do in Athens.

Things to Check Out in Athens


Akademia Brewing Company– We ate here twice while we were in Athens. The Wild Mushroom Pasta was the best thing I had on the entire trip. I would love to have some right now!

Mama’s Boy– We had breakfast here one morning and it was great! The atmosphere was a lot of fun. I had the Pulled Pork and Potato Hash. It was great, but the biscuit really stole the show. That’s saying a lot because I am super picky about biscuits.


J&J Flea Market– If you enjoy flea markets and antiquing this is a good place to stop in. I found a typewrite from 1941 for $20. I was super excited. You’ll see more of it when I finally get my library room together.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia-This is a beautiful place to walk around. I loved the variety of plants that they had.

Athens was a great little get away to a fun college town. It was a great place to get away an relax. Let me know if you’ve been to Athens in the comments. books, toys, tech, & more.

4 thoughts on “Athens, Georgia Book Haul

  1. Nice nice! There’s been a lot of positive talk about The Poppy War so I’m very curious about it… Glad you’re loving it so far and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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