My Favorite Seasonal Self-Care Items

This time of year is always super hectic. It’s important that I take some time to take care of myself, or I will become really worn down. Here are a few of my favorite self-care items for the spooky season.

The Four of Wands Quartz Bath Bomb

How beautiful is this bath bomb??? I adore it. And it smells just a good. I purchase it from ToTheMagicBox on Etsy! She hand makes each item, and you can feel the love she puts into it. She has several different kinds of bath bombs and they are all equally gorgeous. I purchased The Four of Wands which is tarot card themed. It represents hard work with good results. Definitely check out her shop! Plus, she is the sweetest person!

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion

I have used this lotion for years. I’m convinced that it is the best pumpkin scent that Bath and Body Works has. It has hints of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger snaps, and whipped vanilla. It is a fall must.

Haunted Hayride Candle

Haunted Hayride by Yankee Candle has become one of my favorite fall candles. At first I didn’t love the scent, but then it grew on me. It is such a unique smell, but it’s not overpowering. I can burn it in my house for hours. When I tell you the scent notes you’re going to think it sounds crazy, but I promise it works. It is a woody scent with hints of charcoal and nutmeg. It’s so, so good.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Eyeshadow Palette

Since you hardly ever see my face, most of you don’t know that I love makeup. But I do. I love to play around with my eyeshadow, and I enjoy fun colors. When I saw this palette at Ulta, I had to get it. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I loved the colors featured in the palette. It was relatively inexpensive for as many shadows that are included. I’ve only used a couple of the colors, but so far I’m impressed. They also have a couple of cute makeup bags in this collection.

So those are a few of my favorite self-care items for this season. I love the cold weather, and all the cozy things that come with it. What are a few of your favorite self-care items?

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Seasonal Self-Care Items

  1. Great list! Bath bombs and aromatherapy items are some of my favorites too! It’s truly fall for me when Bath & Body Works rolls out their Blueberry Maple Pancake candles and when The Body Shop starts selling their Vanilla Chai body butter. They smell as yummy as they sound!

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