Rainy Day Reads

It has been raining all day. It’s even a little chilly. It is perfect weather for curling up with a good book. Here are a few of my favorite rainy day reads.


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Outlander is a perfect fall book altogether. The author’s writing is so atmospheric. You can almost smell the snow and wood smoke. Plus, the romance will make you feel all warm and cozy. Maybe one day I will finish the rest of the series.



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I haven’t even finished Nevernight and I am already recommending it. I will say it makes a perfect rainy day read. After this, I plan to curl back up under my cover and read more of it. Reading about a school of assassins that is cloaked in perpetual darkness is all that I need right now. Well, that and maybe a pumpkin spice Poptart.


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You may recognize Circe from The Odyssey, but there is far more to her story than that. This is a fun story from her perspective. For some reason, I always associate fantasy and mythology with fall. Greek mythology and coffee would be great on a rainy day.


So those are my favorite rainy day reads. Now it’s time for you to recommend some. Tell me your favorites in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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