I Wish I Was at BookNet Fest Tag + Giveaway

BookNet Fest is an event made for bookish content creators. It was co-founded by two Booktubers, Samantha and Marines, when they noticed that most bookish events centered around publishers. Obviously, this is my first year of being a content creator. I was planning to go to BookNet Fest this year, but for obvious reason they have decided to make it virtual. I am still excited to participate in that. Hoping to go in person in 2021!

This tag was created by Kathy Trithardt. It’s such a fun tag and I am so excited to participate in it. Also, stick to the end for some giveaway details.

1. Staying home is the best right now, but doesn’t cure wanderlust. What is a book you love that deals with travel.

Naptown Blues is the perfect book for anyone looking for adventure. I absolutely love it.

2. Internet friends are even more important now that we are physically isolated. Name a book with excellent friendships.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children has some of the best friendships. It really is a found family.

3. Book club reads can be a powerful way to bring people together to discuss important topics or themes. What is a book you would love to read with a club?

Where the Crawdads Sing has been a book club pick for so many. There are so many great elements to discuss. I want to talk about it constantly.

4. Bibliophilic venders are a great support to the event, and now small businesses need our support in return. Name a vender you’ve purchased bookish items from or would like to hype up because what they make is fantastic.

I love Alchemy and Ink. Everything they make is gorgeous.

5. Panels are a great way to hear a discussion between various voices. If you could put together a panel for a future BookNet Fest, what would be the topic and who would you invite.

For some reason this topic keeps coming to mind. I would title it, “So You Love a Content Creator.” I think it would be a fun discussion on how to balance our jobs, dreams, and futures with the people who love us. Creating content is time consuming. There is a balance you have to maintain. I think it would be interesting to hear from other content creators, and their loved ones, on how they maintain that balance. I would invite the spouses, partners, and loved ones of content creators to join in.

6. Workshops are an excellent hands on approach to learning new skills. Name a book that has taught you something you’re interested in.

Dreyer’s English taught me so many great skills. It teaches you to be more concise in your writing. The author is witty and hilarious.


I promised my Instagram family that I would do a giveaway when I reached 3K followers. Since we discussed book clubs in the tag today, I am giving away a copy of The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe. To enter:

1. Leave your favorite book title in the comments.

For extra entries:

1. Subscribe to the blog. +3

2. Like and follow on Instagram. +2 entries

3. Like, follow, and retweet on Twitter. +3 entries

I will pick a winner randomly on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

As always, thanks so much for all the support! I love you guys!

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