Blogs You Need to Follow

The blogging community is full of great people. I am coming up on my one year blogging anniversary, and I have met some awesome people in that year. Today, I am going to share several of my favorite blogs.

Erica Robyn Reads

Erica is such an awesome person. She is the first person I remember interacting with after I started blogging. Her blog is gorgeous. She always has great horror recommendations.

Jacqueline of All Trades

Jacqueline is literally goals. She has so much energy. I love checking in on her blog to see what she is up to. She has eight projects that she is trying to accomplish and watching her progress is so much fun. Not to mention, she is the nicest person!

Lala’s Book Reviews

Lauren gives me the unboxing content that my soul desires. I love to make unboxings, but I love consuming unboxings as well. She does them quite regularly. She also reviews a lot of popular Y.A. titles.

One More Book

I find Julie’s blog incredibly comforting. She writes amazing reviews. I only hope to reach her level one day. Her reviews are so detailed. She also handles negative reviews with such a natural grace.

Midnight Book Blog

This blog is stunning. It makes me so happy. J’s attention to detail is immaculate. She also designed all of her art, so she is incredibly talented. Not to mention her reviews are great. We also seem to have similar reading taste, so I am always browsing for new books to read.

So there are a few of my favorite bloggers. I had to cut it off at five so that this post wouldn’t be crazy long. I will probably do several installments. There are so many great blogs out there! Tell me some of your favorites!

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6 thoughts on “Blogs You Need to Follow

  1. Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to check some of these out and share with Rob! Love your website too btw😍😍😍


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