My Favorite Bookish Apps

It’s no secret that I love the bookish internet. I have met the greatest people through it. There are several different bookish apps that I switch between, and these are my absolute favorites.


I’ve wrote a full post on my love for Litsy. Check it out here. It was the first bookish community that I really got involved in. It gave me the confidence to voice my opinions and write reviews. I discovered I have a lot to say. I wanted to talk to more people and write longer reviews. Litsy is still my favorite bookish app.

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My next favorite bookish app is Goodreads. I have only really started using it this year. However, I’m still not using all of the features. I am getting better at that though. It is such a great way to track what I am reading. I keep up with my reading in my bullet journal, but it’s not always with me. One of the reasons I started using it was to participate in the Goodreads Challenge. I have really enjoyed that.

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Library Thing

Next up is Library Thing. It is an app that catalogs your books. I am in the process of organizing my library room in my new house and this has been a life saver. I don’t have to manually alphabetize my books. It is glorious. I am new to it as well. I think it has a social aspect, but I haven’t really used that part much.


This one is obvious. I love Bookstagram. It is a great way to meet new bookish friends. Obviously, there is more than books on Instagram, but the book community is great.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m always looking for new friends. If you have ever thought of trying one of these bookish apps out just go for it. I know it can be intimidating jumping into an online community, but I think you will find out that there are so many welcoming people. And if you add me, I can guarantee you will always have one supportive online friend.

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Bookish Apps

  1. Great post~ From your apps I only use Instagram and Goodreads, I really love Instagram though I should really get to posting more photographs on there. 🙂 I started following you on Instagram!


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