Classic Books Don’t Have to Be Boring

I have never been a big classic book reader, but one of my yearly goals was to diversify my reading. Naturally, I wanted to include classics. Surprisingly, I have really enjoy that change. Here are the biggest tips that helped me learn to love the classic books.

1. Don’t Read Genres You Don’t Prefer

That should be a no brainer, right? Weirdly enough that was my stumbling block. I found a list of classic books and just started from the top. However, the list I was using was written by a person who loved romances. I don’t like romances, so I didn’t like what I was reading. If you read horror stick to classic horror. Later on if you want to jump into new genres go for it, but stick to what you know first.

2. Listen to Audiobooks

The language of classic books can be daunting. I eased myself into it by listening to audiobooks. It helped a lot. I could focus a lot better.

3. Stick to a Preferred Author

Once I find an author I enjoy, I stick to reading their work. I really love the work of John Steinbeck and the Brontë Sisters, so I read a lot of their work. Obviously you need to branch out, but when you are just getting used to a genre sticking to a comfort zone is key.

4. Don’t Stress

Lastly and most importantly, don’t stress if you can’t find a classic book you enjoy. Reading is about relaxing and escaping. There is no reason to make it difficult. Read what you love.

To sum it up, these are the tips that helped me learn to love classics. I really hope they help you in your journey. Let me know if you have any tips because I am still learning as well!

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