How I Increased My Reading

My life is hectic. I am busy all the time. I never feel like I have a moment to spare. Sometimes it is hard to find time to read, but I am determined not to give up my favorite hobby. I know most people are busy now. I thought I’d share some tips that helped me increase the amount of books I read. They aren’t super original or groundbreaking, you’ve probably read them before, but they help.

1. Take a book everywhere you go!

I take a book everywhere. It is a great way to find some extra time to sneak in a few pages. If I ever have to wait, I am prepared. Even if I only get to read for five minutes it still helps.

2. Listen to audiobooks!

I am new to audiobooks, but it has really increased the amount that I read. I have a 45 minute drive to work and back, so I can get a lot of listening in. I also listen to them when I work around my house. It makes boring things better.

3. Watch less television!

My husband and I made a conscious decision not to have satellite service at our house. If we watch a show, it’s on Netflix. I haven’t really missed television at all. Most nights we don’t even turn the t.v. on. I read instead of watching t.v.

4. DNF books you don’t enjoy!

This is probably the tip that has helped me the most. It is also the most obvious tip, but yet I had to work at it. If I am not enjoying a book I am not going to pick it up as often. Allowing myself to dnf books has helped me avoid a reading slumps.

So that is how I have increased my reading. I am doing well on my goals for this year. I hope it continues. While I do participate in the Goodreads challenge, an important thing to remember is that we all read at different speeds. We also have different factors that impact the amount of time we can spend reading. So it doesn’t matter how many books you read. It’s just important that you read.

BAM! Books-A-Million

*I am a Books a Million affiliate. I do make a small commission off of purchases made through my link.*

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