Death by Curiosity by Lisa Matthews Review

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I was given Death by Curiosity in exchange for my honest review. I agreed to review this because it is a mystery surrounding a women who claims to be a witch and that is right up my alley. Keep reading for my full thoughts.

When small town Habley is rocked by a series of murders Elodia Knight is to blame. One of her accomplices has already been arrested and he claims that Elodia is a witch. When police typist Armitage Black hears about the case she can’t help but be intrigued. Despite warnings from her best friend and reprimands from the local authorities, she become even more entangled in the case. When it’s clear that she has put her life,and her friends lives, in danger she knows the case has to be solved quickly.

My Thoughts on Death by Curiosity

I have to start out with the first thing I noticed. Armitage, the main character, was hilarious, but she was also annoying. Her main motive for getting involved in the case was that she is nosey. If I am being honest that reason is more plausible that some of the motives that I have read in other mysteries. However, she takes being nosey to the next level. She put herself into pointless situations that put so many people at risk without a second thought

Saying all that, I will say she was a better detective than the detectives that researched the case. I would love to see a follow up novel where she has changed careers to become a detective. She was witty and bright and I think that would be a fun read.

The mystery itself was a fast paced page turner. It hooked me from the beginning and I had to see it through to the end. Death by Curiosity was a fun read.

My Rating: 3/5


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