My Favorite Indie Bookstores

My list of favorite indie bookstores is small. I haven’t been to many, because to my knowledge there aren’t any near me. It’s always a highlight of a vacation or trip if I get to visit one. I have seen so many other bloggers doing similar posts to help bring awareness to the fact that some indie bookshops are in danger right now. Less tourism means less sells, so we as a book community need to support these hidden gems.

E. Shaver, Bookseller

I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this store. It is located in a historic building in downtown Savannah, Georgia. When you walk in you feel at home in this beautiful, cozy bookstore. They have the friendliest staff and three gorgeous bookshop cats. I know I will have to go back to Savannah one day just to visit the shop again.

Parnassus Books

Located in Nashville, Tennesse this beautiful store is co-owned by author Anne Patchett. I may or may not have planned an entire vacation around visiting this bookshop. It was so worth it. Their selection is huge and I loved their merchandise. Surprisingly, I bought more store merchandise than books. I bought a mug and a t-shirt and they are high quality. If you want to check out the mug check out my last Instagram post @readinginthewildwood.


McKay’s is a a massive used bookstore in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They have everything you could ever want. They have more shelves than you could ever browse in a day. You can’t purchase from their website, but if you’re ever in the area you need to check it out.

So that is my list of favorite indie bookstores. I hope to add the the list while I travel. While I love Books a Million. You can’t replace the character of an indie bookstore. So take the time and order from your local bookstore or even order from one from across the country. They need our support.

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