Recipe Taste Test: Quarantine Edition

Ice box cake

So I am late on March’s cookbook taste test. This month I wanted dessert, but the stores didn’t have a lot on the shelves. This recipe for an Icebox Cake in the Pioneer Women’s new cookbook only had four ingredients. Three of the ingredients, heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla, I already had on hand. So I only had to buy Oreo thins. The recipe calls for mint Oreo thins, but the store only had originals. I replaced the peppermint extract with vanilla. It was a hit with my husband. He loves all things cookies and cream. It was so light and tasty. The Oreo’s softened the perfect amount. It is a great recipe for quarantine because it has so few ingredients. I have been really impressed with this new cookbook. Every recipe I have tried has been great. I highly recommend it.

What are you making during quarantine? I know this has been a weird time. Has comfort food made you happy? I know it has made me happy. I thought this was a great little dessert to have. Let me know some of your favorite recipes below. I love to explore new ideas!

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