A Reader’s Guide to Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is a destination I can finally mark off of my bucket list. It was everything I hoped for in a vacation. I fell in love from the first day we were there. It is quaint and relaxing. It is a book lover’s dream. So here is my guide to Savannah from one book lover to another.

Places to Read

The City Parks

Forsyth Park (pictured below) is the most famous park in Savannah. Parts of Forest Gump was filmed in this park. I didn’t realize how large it actually is. It is a great place to take a book and a picnic.

Madison Square (below) is right near E. Shaver Bookseller. It is slightly less crowded than Forsyth Park. It is an ideal place for reading and watching the day go by. If you run out of reading materials you can walk across the street to discover a new favorite.

Tybee Island

A book and the beach go hand in hand. Tybee island is located right outside of Savannah. The beaches are beautiful. We visited Mid Beach. It was less crowded and more relaxed. North Beach is where all the action is at. There are tons of great restaurants to visit on Tybee. If you find your way out there be sure to check out the Tybee Lighthouse.

Indie Bookstores

E. Shaver, bookseller

If you have checked out my E. Shaver, Bookseller Haul you will know how much I loved this place. I spent a little too much money but it was so worth it. The staff was super friendly. They also had book shop cats who lounged around. They were also super friendly.

There were little chairs throughout so you could sit and read. I adored this cozy reading nook right by a window. You could sit and watch traffic go by. There is also a great little tea shop that is right next door. You can grab a book and then settle in for a cup of tea. I suggest the High Mountain Oolong. I had to buy some to bring home.

The Book Lady Bookstore

If you are hunting rare or older titles this is the place for you. It is a mix of old and new. I wish I had a whole day to just explore. I am sure there were some hidden gems in there. Everywhere you turned there were books.

I would have loved to grabbed a book of poetry and just read all day. Local authors and books about Savannah were featured throughout the store.

Bookish Places

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery started as a family cemetery in 1846 on a plantation. Eventually, it was turned into a public cemetery. You can feel the history when you arrive in the gates. It is most recognized from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The most striking thing about the cemetery is the plants. Most of the graves have live plants planted on them. In a book about the cemetery it says that there are 27 miles of azaleas throughout. We were there early that morning so no tours were open. I would recommend either reading about the history beforehand or take a tour to really grasp the history.

Flannery O’ Connor’s Childhood Home

Another great bookish place to visit is the childhood home of Flannery O’ Connor. You can go on a guided tour. They have a library and a gift shop that has unique books and gifts. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to tour the house. It was closed the weekend we were there, but I would love to go back and tour it.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Sting Ray’s on Tybee Island

If you go to the beach you have to get seafood. Our favorite place was called Sting Ray’s. The prices were reasonable and the portions were huge. Definitely try the low country boil. It had a mix of all the best local seafood. The best part is you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while you eat.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

We ate here three times on our trip. It is a great breakfast spot with a large selection. The muffins are called Mammoth Muffins. They were made fresh and they are huge. My husband ordered a cinnamon roll for breakfast and it is one of the best we have ever had.

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

One night on your trip you need to eat a light dinner and visit Lulu’s. It is a bar and restaurant that is dedicated only to dessert and snacks. We order the charcuterie board, a slice of cheesecake, and a brownie. Every bite was perfection.

Other Recommendations

Wormsloe Historic Site

Wormsloe Plantation was founded by Noble Jones. He was one of the original colonial founders of Georgia. There is a one mile walk around the remains of the old tabby. It is dated back to 1736 so it is the oldest standing wall in the state of Georgia. Pictured below is the driveway to the plantation. It is known for the oak trees that line the site. If you want to get outdoors and learn more about Georgia’s history Wormsloe is a great spot to visit.

Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

I can’t begin to describe how beautiful this place is. There are miles of trails through the gardens that take you through some of the most beautiful plants. It’s so peaceful in the gardens. It is a great way to relax.

We were lucky enough to get to take this trip before the corona virus pandemic. I understand right now is not a great time to travel. If you are in the area I would make sure there are not any closures at these destinations. I am sure their hours might have changed.

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3 thoughts on “A Reader’s Guide to Savannah, Georgia

  1. Love! Savannah is one of my favorite destinations. I love the historical aspect, and I definitely need to check out the bookstore with the cats!


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