Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo Review

I knew going into Shadow and Bone that I would love it. Ninth House was the first book I have ever read by Leigh Bardugo. I connected so well with her writing that I could not imagine not loving the rest of her work. I was not disappointed.

Shadow and Bone is the story of Alina Starkov. She is in Ravka’s second army. One day, while in the Shadow Fold, her friend is attacked an it unleashed a power that had long laid dormant. The Darkling, the head of the Grisha, whisks her away to court to train her. However, there is a dark secret that Alina is just beginning to discover.

When I first start the plot was slow-building, but it was so worth it. When I started writing my notes I said that the romance was sudden and obvious. I found out later that nothing is as it seems. The book tool a sudden turn and turned into something completely different.

I am so ready to see what happens next. I like that it is based on Russia folklore. I have not read any Russia based fantasy so it is interesting to me. It also helps fill the void that completing the Throne of Glass Series left. Don’t get me wrong. It is its own unique story, but it had similar vibes. If this series continues to be as good I think it is safe to say that Leigh Bardugo may be a new favorite author of mine.

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