The Makeup and Book Tag

It is the Holiday Season and it is time to get made up and go to parties. I thought it would be fun to do The Makeup and Books tag to help celebrate. I am not sure who created this tag, but tons of Booktubers have done this tag. They inspired me to do it as well.

Primer: Merle Norman Anti-Redness Primer

Primer: Pick a book that left a lasting impression. My choice is Beloved. I am not completely finished with it but I know it is going to leave a lasting impression. It is a hard book to read but it is a necessary story.

Foundation: Merle Norman Perfecting Foundation

Foundation: Pick your favorite first book in a series. Ninth House is a new release that is the start of a series. I can’t wait until the other books come out.

Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape

Concealer: Pick a character you wish you could get rid of. This one is easy for me Taryn from the Folk of the Air Trilogy. I despise her.

Powder: Merle Norman Powder Foundation

Powder: Pick your favorite last book in a series. A Court of Frost and Starlight is such a peaceful ending to the A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

Eyebrows: Loreal Brow Pencil

Eyebrows: Pick a book you think everyone should read. To Kill a Mockingbird is such a classic. It is so important to literature and our society.

Eyeshadow: Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette Limited Edition

Eyeshadow: Pick a book with your favorite colors on the cover. Green has become my favorite color recently. I just think the color of this book is beautiful.

Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Eyeliner: Pick a dark and mysterious book. The Invited is dark and witchy and such a fun read.

Blush: Lorac Color Source in Chroma

Blush: Pick a book with some cringe worthy romance. I found a lot about The Diviners Cringe worthy.

Blush/Highlighter Palette: Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Limited Edition

Highlighter: Pick a book that brightened your day. Daisy Jones and the Six deals with dark concepts but still manages to be a happy read.

Lipstick: Mac X Charlotte Olympia Limited Edition

Lipstick: Your favorite book kiss. SPOILER.

Dorian and Manon. I died when it happened.

So that is The Makeup and Books Tag, If you want to tag along I tag you!

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