Throne of Glass Bookish Box Part 2

I was so excited for this. It is the Throne of Glass Bookish Box Part 2. I am obsessed with Throne of Glass. When they released the first box I had not discovered this series yet, but I was here for the second one. This is my first experience with Bookish Box and I hope to order more in the future. There is not one thing that I did not love.

Candle made by Say Anything Studio

The first thing I loved was this candle. It is called Training in Mistward. It smells like cypress and oak forest trees. I think it smells exactly like Christmas. It says it has shape shifting magic. I’ve only burned it a couple of times so I’m excited to see what that is.

Bangle made by the Bookish Shop

This bangle is gorgeous. It says “To whatever end,” which is my favorite quote from the series. It is obviously fandom related, but it’s subtle enough to to wear anywhere.

Mug made by the Bookish Shop
Double sided mug rug made by Sweet Sequels

I can’t wait to drink a cup of coffee out of this mug. It is perfect for the winter months ahead. I also love the little double sided coaster included with it.

Enamel Pin designed by Lapels & Spells

This pin is gorgeous. I really want to buy a denim jacket to put it on. It’s too pretty not to wear.

This shirt is the map of Erilea. It is well made and very flattering.

Both dust jackets were created by Diana Dworak

The dust jackets included in this box were breathtaking. Since I don’t own the hard covers I am going to have these framed.