The Best Witchy Books

October is making me crave witchy books. Here are a few of my favorites.

Practical Magic. Do I even need to include a summary? It is such an iconic book and movie. It is about the Owens women. For years there have been rumors that they are witches. Their elderly aunts didn’t help dispel the rumors and almost welcomed them. Gillian and Sally wanted to escape the town talk. One got married, the other ran away. But magic always brings them back together.

This book is heartwarming, magical, and a little spooky.

The Witch of Willow Hall is about a witch that doesn’t know she is a witch. Set in Massachusetts in 1821, the Montrose family experiences a scandal that causes them to flee Boston to their new county home, Willow Hall. The home is foreboding and dark and it will change the lives of the three sisters forever.

This is a great coming of age story with magical elements that draw on other paranormal experiences to create a somber mood.

Circe is one of the original witches. Made famous in Greek mythology, Madeline Miller retells the legend of Circe. The daughter of Helios discovers she posses the power of witchcraft. Zeus banishes her to a deserted island where Circe makes her home and learns to stand on her own powers.

Circe is a unique view to well known stories such as the Odyssey. The writing is stunning. Such a great read.

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