My Favorite Fall Reads

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children follows Jacob who has just lost his grandfather under strange circumstances that only he knows the truth about. He and his his father set off on a trip to Wales where his grandfather grew up. While there Jacob finds Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children abandoned all except for photographs portraying the odd abilities of the residents.

This is a great fall read because the atmosphere is spooky. The tiny island is described as being coated in fog. Then Jacob explores an abandoned house that hides unusual secrets. My favorite part of the book is the pictures that are included throughout. They are actual vintage photos that the author found and based the story around.

House of Salt and Sorrows is a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I am not familiar with the original, but I adored the retelling. The main character Annaleigh lives at Highmoore, her family’s seaside estate. There were originally twelve sisters, but when the story starts four have met their tragic ends. While the deaths seemed to be accidental, or just plain tragic, Annaleigh starts to see ghostly visions that make her suspect the deaths were intentional.

The setting of this book is chilling. I read it in the middle of summer in Alabama, but I could almost feel the icy wind. The manor is wrapped in despair and mystery. It is part mystery, part paranormal, and part fantasy and I couldn’t ask for more from a fall read!

The Invited turns a traditional haunted house story on it’s head. When Helen and Nate abandoned their suburban life to build a house on a plot of land in Vermont they stir up a local legend. Hattie Breckenridge was hung as a witch years before on the very land that they set to build their house on. Helen gets caught up in the local story and starts sourcing materials that are linked to Hattie and her descendants. In essence, she is building a haunted house.

Witchcraft, ghosts, and little town secrets makes it impossible to put this book down.

Final Girls follows the life of Quincy Carpenter who was deemed a “final girl” after she was the only one of her friends to return after a vacation in a secluded cabin in the woods. A killer slaughtered her friends and she managed to survive. There are three “final girls” that are grouped together in the media after each girl was the only survivor of tragic massacres.

Years later, Quincy runs a successful baking blog. She is engaged and doesn’t want to relive that part of her life. A fellow final girl dies and the other one shows up on her doorstep.

Final Girls is set in October, but flashes back to her past to finally piece together the answers of what happened that night so long ago. Beware, however, this book will make you crave cupcakes and autumn air!

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